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Making Your Vision a Reality

"There is something special in creating with your own hands, and knowing that what you've created will make someone's home more comfortable and beautiful. There's no better feeling like it."


Don Lunan's journey with home and commercial building began in 1978. As a young 17-year-old, he humbly announced himself at a neighborhood building site one morning, and set off working. By the end of the day, the foreman was so impressed with Don's work ethic, ever-ready smile, patience, problem-solving, and calm, that he hired Don immediately. That was that: Don had found his calling in the world.

From age 17 through 21, Don proudly served as a builder in the U.S. Army. After coming home, he continued building, working with his hands, guided by his integrity and passion for hard, good-old-fashioned, honest work. He rose to leadership positions for various construction companies, and soon, it felt only logical and right to start his own company. With his solid onsite team, an off-site staff led by his wife Diana Lunan, and a loyal community of clients who have become family, Don Lunan Construction was born.

We are honored that you're thinking of us for your next project. We feel immense pride and gratitude to be trusted with your home and your dream goal. From the initial consultation, to paperwork, to building, to clean-up, Don devotes exceptional care, integrity, and professionalism to every step of the process. Don builds and leads every part of the physical project, while Diana manages the office. Radiating with charm, compassion, and an exceptional skill at understanding just what every client wishes for in their dream home, Diana is the perfect, gracious warmth to balance and complement Don's focus and discipline. While every step of the job is fun for both Don and Diana, they take each moment, and the honor of building your dream, very seriously. It's our pleasure and privilege to make your vision a reality.

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Don Lunan

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